Fortified Nutrition is a company that was created out of necessity. In order to support our own lifestyles and nutritional habits we’ve learned along the way, we needed nutritional support that would help make our lives and our eating habits a little easier without compromising on our tried and tested standards that we know work. Fortunately for us we grew tired of waiting for other companies to give us what we wanted and the result is who we are today.

As we set out on our journey, our primary objectives were three fold;

  1. Pass along the knowledge and passion to other of the importance of quality nutritional habits that help support improved heath, wellness and fitness goals.

  2. Dietary perfection is unrealistic in today busy and demanding society but balance and moderation are attainable and they are key to feeling and performing our best.

  3. To produce nutritional products that are made for us, meet our standards of quality, and are created with a purposeful ratio of ingredients and macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats).

Today, we have overwhelmingly found that our feelings and values towards nutrition are shared by many other like-minded health conscientious individuals. Our mission is simple; to provide the best alternative possible to healthy and convenient eating when good food made from natural, organic, and minimally processed food is not convenient or available.

Through experience, we know that clean and balanced eating along with ample physical fitness brings the best results. We've seen it with friends, family members, and customers alike. Our passion for living a healthy, happy and energized life extends throughout everyone at Fortified Nutrition and our products exemplify this commitment. We are deeply passionate about the health and well being of all people, and in support of this we continually seek out the absolute best recipe and ingredient combinations, and bring them to market with an abundance of supporting research, studies and experience. We strive to make our products available at the most economical prices possible while never compromising on our commitment to content and quality. We choose to make our products available by offering them

Our mission is to Bridge the Nutritional Gap for those seeking optimum health through high quality nutrition anytime!

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